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Unique Ways To Celebrate Grandparents Day

Written by Leith Tigges

Photography by A-lan Holt, Photographed By Maria Del Rio

September isn’t just about summer’s end and back-to-school supplies. It’s also time to honor the grandparents in our lives who have loved us from the very start! We’ve compiled a list of sweet and sentimental activities to show how much we care and bridge the gap between different generations. Come September 10, you’ll be making “Nana” and “Papa” feel extra special for this once-a-year holiday. Pick and choose a few different activities, below, to plan the perfect Grandparents Day.

Make Pottery
There are typically quite a few local locations to create or paint original pottery in your area, and this is a great bonding experience for the kids and their grandparents. It’s also a hands-on, one-of-a-kind gift to give once the activity ends.

Conduct an Interview
Get out the tape recorder (or be prepared to record the conversation with your phone) as the kids ask their grandparents a series of questions. They can delve into their childhoods, backgrounds, favorite memories, and times at school. It’ll be pure joy for all parties involved to learn about the moments these two special individuals have been through in their lifetime.

Crafts, and More Crafts
Make something! Do some research about what creative to-dos you might be interested in enjoying together. Is it a do-it-yourself bird feeder? Coloring pages for grandpa’s office? The options are endless, so go ahead and get started.

Bake Something Delicious
There’s something really special about baking from scratch any day, but it’s especially meaningful to do so with grandma and grandpa. Try whipping up a classic favorite from childhood that the whole family is sure to enjoy. To go the extra mile, try to find out if grandma is willing to share her famous, secret recipe!

Visit Your Local Art Museum
Museums of all types are often extremely family-friendly. The kids can take in classic or modern art alongside their grandparents, and even create a masterpiece of their own to take home, which could also make a great Grandparent’s Day gift! Win-win.

Read Your Favorite Books Together
Let the kids get lost in their favorite tales, bedtime not required. What’s more, grandma and grandpa can tell the stories that they have always loved, and that parents may have grown up listening to as well.

Draw Out Your Family Tree
Take some time to trace back your family history together. This can be such a telling, hands-on craft, and seeing your entire lineage on paper can be a real eye-opener at how far you’ve all come. Does anything surprise you? Anything come to light that you never expected?

Reminisce With Old Photographs
This activity is sure to be a favorite for every generation! Spend the afternoon flipping through past photo albums, then start a new one, or just keep adding to the collection. Snag some recent family photos and candids from your iPhone and have them printed at home, or at your local printer’s office.

Create a Scrapbook
Gather up all your extra special scraps and mementos saved over the years, and put them to good use. Littles and adults alike are sure to get the creative juices flowing. The kids can even try making a scrapbook devoted specifically to their relationship with their grandparents, or one documenting their life.

Go Green, and Get Gardening
Step out into the yard to soak up those last few weeks of summer, and do some digging! It doesn’t necessarily have to be produce or herbs, although those are always great, too. Try planting some seasonal flowers to enjoy together, and make plans to give said flowers to grandma at a later date.

Let the Grandparents Take the Lead, and Teach Their Favorite Hobby
Whether it’s painting, playing an instrument, or learning the ins and outs of a new sport, grandma and grandpa are sure to have loads of insight to share with the kiddos. Who knows, it could even be an activity that extends far beyond Grandparent’s Day, and a way for the kids and their “nanas” and “papas” to bond in future dates to come.

Take a Trip to the Library
Grandma and grandpa can pick a book for the kids to check out, and vice versa. It can be an educational and exciting way to share hand-picked stories with each other, and see how the other person interprets the tale!

Fly a Kite
Get outside, and go to the park to soak up some end-of-summer sunshine. But, don’t forget the sunscreen! Kids love kites, and it can be a great outdoor group activity as a family, especially because kites can be tricky to navigate on your own.

Try donating your time to those in need. The kids can take their grandparents to volunteer at a local kitchen or food bank, or spend some time with furry friends at an animal shelter. Wherever you choose to spend your efforts, it’s sure to pay off for all those involved.

Write Handwritten Letters to Grandma or Grandpa
Unfortunately, it’s not so easy for everyone to spend time with family when they aren’t close by! For those whose relatives are near and dear, but still miles away, it can be a great activity to write a letter. Snail mail is such a fun form of communication, and somewhat of a lost art in these digital tech times we live in. The grandparents are sure to enjoy something deeply personal from their thoughtful grandchildren on this special day.

Visit the Zoo
Lots of local zoos offer specials for Grandparent’s Day, so round up the kids and take advantage! The zoo is perfect for all ages, and it’s a great family-oriented spot.

Start a New Tradition
This year, why not take advantage of the opportunity to start a tradition to enjoy for all the future Grandparent’s Days to come? Whether it’s getting ice cream at your favorite parlor, going out to lunch at a new restaurant in town, or seeing a live musical, it’ll be fun because it’ll be done together. The kids will also have the best time reminiscing on this special activity only shared between them and their grandparents.

Invite Grandparents to a Grandparent’s Day event at school
At many schools, Grandparent’s Day means that grandma and grandpa get the opportunity to accompany their grandchildren to a special lunch or event. If your child’s school hosts something similar, take advantage! The kids are sure to love showing their elders around.

Make an Heirloom Recipe Box
Set up shop at the kitchen table, and piece together a box of heirloom recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Ask different family members to contribute their go-to dishes, and finish out the day by cooking a few together. There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, especially when it means so much to your family.

Go for a Picnic
Let the kids and grandparents take over the kitchen, while they put together a picnic basket filled with delicious, homemade treats and snacks! Be sure to pack a cozy blanket, too, and head to the park for a relaxing meal outdoors.

Do you have plans to celebrate Grandparent’s Day this year? Are there any special traditions that you have in your family?

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