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40 Fun Products To Inspire A Fall Cleaning Spree

Written by Chantal Lamers

Before COVID-19—when we weren’t confined to our homes for work, school, and play—spring was an annual reminder to purge, organize, and deep clean. But now that we’re in lockdown mode year-round, we think that any change of season is a good time to hit refresh on your home, and—we don’t know about you—but a fall cleaning spree sounds pretty good to us right about now. Since children are natural helpers, and you may need all hands on deck, it’s a good time to introduce them to tidying if you haven’t already. For the littlest that can be as simple as changing a roll of toilet paper, folding a few washcloths, dusting or sweeping. They’ll be happy to work beside you, and perhaps be even more incentivized with some cool cleaning tools of their own. That said, we’ve round-up 40 items to make cleaning, and staying organized, fun and easy for you and your helpful sidekick.

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