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24 Guided Journals To Crack Open In 2024

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano & Sara Langer

Especially as busy parents, taking some time to be calm and reflective amidst a whirlwind of commitments and needs (yours and others) is essential. One of the easiest and effective ways to do this is to incorporate journaling into your self-care practices. In fact, studies have shown that putting pen to paper actually has a number of health benefits, including decreasing stress and anxiety and boosting the immune system. If you’re a newbie to the practice, don’t know what to write about, or just want to change up your writing routine, picking up a guided journal might be your best bet. Filled with probing questions and thought-provoking quotes, guided journals make journaling easy, plus you’ll likely be surprised at what they draw out of you. Below, 24 guided journals to consider cracking open in 2024.

Check out our favorite 2024 guided journals in the slideshow below!

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