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Read ‘Em: Hervé Tullet’s Brilliant “Press Here” Trilogy

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

If you haven’t yet experienced a Hervé Tullet kids’ book, let us quickly fill you in on what you’ve been missing. The Normandy-born art director-turned-illustrator published his first children’s book in 1994, but it’s his 2011 creation, Press Here (released by Chronicle Books), which has given him major stateside recognition (including the New York Times Bestsellers List).

Perfect for tots around the 2 1/2-year mark (and up), Press Here isn’t merely about words and pictures on a page, but inviting the reader to press and tap and shake the tome and its illustrations to see the results. For example, tapping a dot five times will magically make five extra dots appear on the next page. Clapping loudly will make the dots grow, and so forth.

In 2014, Tullet followed up with Mix It Up, which allows kids to mix and mash colors together—teaching them about the laws of color mixing and making hues lighter or darker—sans the mess. Meanwhile, Let’s Play (2016), completes the current interactive trilogy with a slightly more advanced plot, in which kids follow a line (and a yellow dot) through a series of adventures.

To be honest, we totally judged Press Here by its super simple cover before understanding the wonder of what awaited inside. Now we can safely say it’s one of the most-reached-for books on our toddler’s shelf. Find out where you can scoop it up, below.

Press Here, $9.09, Amazon.
Mix It Up, $12.61, Amazon.
Let’s Play, $12.31, Amazon.

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