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Gift Guide: 50 Holiday Gifts For Kids

Written by Erin Feher & Katie Hintz-Zambrano

While buying gifts for fellow adults is typically a guessing game, we’re pretty sure the kids in your life will provide a detailed wishlist. But sometimes the best gift is a surprise they didn’t even know they wanted, so we channeled our inner child and searched the web for toys and other goodies we know the kids will go wild for. From modern dolls and a few favorite books, to heirloom-worthy treasures, cool kids kicks and some of Amazon’s top hits, we’ve selected 50 cool, covetable holiday gifts for kids of all ages (and adults of all budgets). Note: these presents are for toddlers through the elementary school set, as our gift guide for tweens and teens is still on the way! Of course, if adding another thing to your child’s arsenal is not your cup of tea, we suggest you check out Littlefund, an incredible resource that allows folks to easily gift funds towards education goals and other experiences.

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