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Photographed By Kate MacLean

How To Make Summer Herb Ricotta

Written by Kate MacLean

Photography by Photographed By Kate MacLean

There is nothing quite like a fresh, house-made cheese to wow potential dinner guests and utilize the fragrant greens perched on your summer patio. Herbed ricotta is a particularly easy dish that requires little time and effort, but packs many flavors into one recipe. Traditionally and technically speaking, “ricotta” is made from the whey byproduct of mozzarella cheesemaking, but below we’ve provided a guide as easy as 1-2-3 that provides a quick work-around and will get you essentially the same thing. Try your hand at a delightful, new recipe, and don’t say we didn’t warn you when it becomes a summertime (or year-round) staple in your home.

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