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Your Horoscope: September 17-23, 2018


Written by Christie Craft

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Miss our September 2018 horoscopes? You aren’t the only one. While our resident astrologer Christie Craft became a mother herself just recently, she’s now back at ’em, with a new set of weekly horoscopes. Read the general overview for the week of September 17-23, 2018, right here, before diving into your personalized reading in the slides below. -KHZ

September 17-23, 2018: Work + Play
The week is spliced by responsibility and reward, beginning with a cautious Capricorn Moon harmonizing with Uranus, Venus, and Saturn on Monday, September 17, calling each sign to take an inventory of everyday priorities and responsibilities. Making small changes to routines works wonders, but too much of a good thing can backfire on our best intentions once feisty Mars forms an epic square with unpredictable Uranus on Tuesday, September 18.

Patience runs thin and we may be inclined to impulsively leap before we look or aggressively assert independence in an act of unnecessary rebellion. With so much resistance, many signs may feel an immense amount of pressure internally and be tempted to explode with emotion or act out abruptly. Exercising emotional control this week will be essential for keeping your head above water—despite how fired up the atmosphere may become.

Messenger Mercury—planet of communication—and the Sun spend their last days in earthy, pragmatic Virgo this week before flitting into balance-oriented Air sign Libra. These last degrees of Virgo are potent days filled with epiphanies, blooming big-picture ideas, and crystalizing our goals.

On Friday, September 21, Mercury slides into the Libra, bringing a peaceable, rational approach to one-on-one relationships, particularly those of an intimate, romantic, or purely social nature. Negotiation skills will naturally improve through October 9, along with the ability to fairly weigh dual perspectives in any situation.

Get your party looks ready for the weekend when the Sun follows Mercury into the sign of the Scales on Saturday, September 22, signaling the official start of super social Libra Season. For the next month, seeking balance will become a focus—though making concrete decisions may not come as easily.

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