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How To Have Better Sex

Written by Anna Jacobs

Photography by Photograph via The Selby

At the end of long workweek, it can be hard to turn off the hustle-and-bustle of your mind in order to turn up the romance in between the sheets. We get it, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s fatigue. Other times, the desire just isn’t there. The good news? There are plenty of all-natural aphrodisiacs to work into you and your partner’s diet in order to get the blood flowing, and kick your passion into high gear. Below, we’ve rounded up a short list of our favorite foods—some familiar, some a bit bizarre—in order to keep the spark alive. Keep a couple of these babies on hand to ignite your sexual desire any night of the week.

Is there anything sexier than chocolate? Whether you prefer it dark and rich, or creamy and balanced, chocolate contains two chemicals that are associated with pleasure and falling in love. Two activities we can’t get enough of—was there ever anything sweeter?

Oysters have been eaten as aphrodisiacs for centuries. After feasting on a few of these bad boys at dinnertime, hormones associated with sexual spike turn up one’s sex drive. They may not be the most conventional food, but we can’t argue with increased libido.

Sex Dust
Moon Juice is known for their mood-enhancing blends, but few are more seductive than Sex Dust. Mix a spoonful of this edible alchemy into your morning smoothie, coffee, or tea to get you and your partner prepped and ready for a steamy session of morning nooky. You can thank us later!

Known for calming the nerves and increasing circulation, rosemary is a simple addition to any dish if you’re looking to enhance desire between the sheets. Try adding it to a cocktail or sprinkling some on a home-cooked meal. Next stop: the bedroom, or the kitchen table if you can’t make it that far!

Truffles have been said to turn up the heat for centuries. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans used this luxurious ingredient as an aphrodisiac. Thought to smell like male pheromones, this rare mushroom is sure to turn you on. What’s more, we like to think it’s an unspoken fact that all of the best foods include this luxury fungus. Who doesn’t love pizza and french fries?

Chile Pepper
Come dinnertime, crank the heat up in a big way with this powerful little spice. Known to increase heart rate and body temperature, chile peppers will give you the appearance of being sexually flushed before you’ve even had a chance to get moving. Talk about a turn on!

Maca Root
Not only does this root add a rich, creamy taste to your smoothies and teas, but it’s also associated with increased libido. Now we don’t know about you, but an increased libido from a healthy breakfast? That sounds like something we can get on board with.

Fragrant and delicious with the perfect punch of spice, ginger is known for improving circulation and will have your heart racing. Try sipping on ginger tea before bed to make the night’s session both tantalizing and something you’ll never forget.

Though probably not the first food you think of when you hear the word aphrodisiac, these roots have been used to get lovers in the mood since the days of Pompeii. Beets increase the production of sexual hormones. The more the merrier, we like to think.

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