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What Does It Mean To Be (And Raise) A Boy?

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via NYMag

There have been countless books and articles written about how to raise girls in an empowering way. But what about boys? The canon, as it currently stands, is a whole lot smaller. But the most recent issue of New York Magazine is aiming to put the topic in the forefront of culture, with its current cover story How To Raise A Boy, which is broken down into the following 20+ articles (+ videos). In our current era of Trump, #MeToo, horrific school shootings (predominantly committed by young men), and a widening education gap between girls and boys, we suggest taking a bite into this whole feast of food for thought below.

7 Insights From Social Science About Raising A Boy by Melissa Dahl

What Should I Teach My Sons? by Will Leitch

What Black Panther Means To My Black Son by James Peterson

Navigating the World of Boys When You’re Gender Nonconforming

Raise Your Son to Be a Good Man, Not a “Real” Man by Michael Kimmel

Porn, Condoms, and Consent: Talking to Boys About Sex

What Aggression Really Means To Boys

The Moment I Decided to Throw Out My Son’s Toy Weapons by Rachael Combe

How I Raised 5 Sons to Respect Women

The Joyful Dancing Boys of Instagram by Madison Malone Kircher

My Son Loves Guns by Alden Jones

31 Famous Men As Boys

Boys Often Don’t Recognize When They’ve Been Sexually Assaulted by Peggy Orenstein

What I Learned From Being a Daughter Raised Like a Son by Laurie Abraham

How Mothers Talk to Their Sons About Race

Teenage Brothers on Sex, Social Media, and What Their Parents Don’t Understand

A College Student Explains Modern Dating to His Mother

After My Son Lost His Dad, He Found Baseball by Lisa Chase

What Kids Think About Emotions, Aggression, Stereotypes, and Consent

I Keep Talking To My Son. Are We Hearing Each Other? by Stella Bugbee

Playing Video Games With My Son Isn’t What I Thought It Would Be by David Cole

The Stories My Sons & I Share by Ed Park

What Happened After My College Found Me Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

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