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5 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring

Written by Leith Tigges


We’re so excited to get a jumpstart on the upcoming season and fully embrace spring! Sunnier days, warmer nights, and blooms of all shapes and sizes are on the horizon. Spring also means it’s that time of year to clean and declutter your space from the inside out. But, spring-cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge project—a few simple changes can completely refresh and renew your space in a jiff. So, pack away your heavy coats and sweaters and crack open your windows because spring has finally sprung!

Herbs In The Kitchen: Smells good, looks good, tastes good. Pick some fresh herbs from the garden or hang up an herb wreath to add some extra flavor to your meals and some fun décor to your living space. If you don’t have an abundance of herbs lying around, chances are your local farmer’s market is gearing up to return for the season. Swing by and check out their collection. Who knows? You may even pick up a new hobby!

Fresh Flowers Throughout The House: Invite the outside in with fresh greenery and sweet smelling blooms! Go ahead and clear a sunny spot on your kitchen table or nightstand—it’s the perfect quick and easy pick me up. And, don’t feel like you have to break the bank to enjoy the effects of fresh florals. Grocery stores like Trader Joe’s have a wide variety of beautiful blooms at an affordable price. Allow yourself to get in touch with your creative side by arranging them on your own.

Put The Comforter Away: Heavy blankets are ideal to keep you cozy on cold winter nights, but they can be a bit much as the weather warms up. Push back the curtains and update your bedspread with a lighter throw to keep you feeling cool and comfortable all night (and all season) long. Linen, cotton, and silk are all great options! If you’re not in the market for an entirely new bedspread, try taking the down out of your duvet cover for a lighter, seasonal option.

Fill Your Fridge With Seasonal Produce: Fresh produce is perfect for welcoming a change in the weather, and once again, you can count on your local farmer’s market to provide some great seasonal options. Stop by the vendors that interest you and get to know your food up close! You can grab greens to add to your favorite salad or pick out some fruit to make a sweet crisp. Feel free to retire the hearty soups for now and embrace lighter, wholesome meals courtesy of your local vendors.

Create An Accent Wall: An accent wall can be a great way to update your space and add a conversational piece to your home. Whether it’s a personal gallery of family photos, or a fun and crafty wall full of your child’s artwork and doodles, it’s the perfect way to spruce up your space!

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