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Mother Stories

At Home With Multi-Talented Mama Shanlynne Silvestre

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Imagenfotografi

“Art for Everyone” is the mission of Imagenfotografi. The photo-driven family business, created by Shanlynne (“Shay”) Silvestre and her partner Francisco, most often results in creative styling and images of the couple’s two sons—Adonay, 8, and Adonis, 6—decked out in a variety of independent brands. “We believe in making high quality content for everyone,” explains Shay. “Art is sometimes not accessible and my passion is to help smaller brands and always have a workable budget for them.” The “ballin’ on a budget” phrase and ethos came up many times during our interview with the Philly-based 28-year-old mother, as she showed us around her home (which includes a variety of DIY built-ins to maximize the petite space), and discussed everything from her new jewelry line, NIN9 GEMS, to becoming a parent after enduring a traumatic childhood.

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