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Try It: Make Emojis Out Of Your Kids Faces

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Via Jennine Jacobs/The Coveted

Chances are, you’re a bit obsessed with emojis (um, who isn’t?). And now that obsession is about to get a little deeper, thanks to the new Imoji¬†app that allows you to turn your personal photos into emojis. We’re talking baby faces, people!

We were tipped off to the app from San Francisco mama (and cool jeans wearer) Jennine Jacobs of The Coveted, who recently busied herself by turning her adorable and hilariously expressive son Jasper into a set of his own Imojis. And, well, we just about died. (See above.)

Interested in trying it out yourself? You can download the free app here, but be warned: Users have complained about the inability to select multiple Imojis at once, and the fact that it can only be used when texting via Messenger. Of course, punctuating your sentences with your kid’s face might just trump those (perhaps temporary) shortcomings.


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