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Photographed by Michelle Drewes
Mother Stories

How One Mother Shares Her Room With Her Kid—In Style

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Michelle Drewes

Along with the mixed bag of emotions that a divorce can bring, one of the biggest logistical headaches that also arises when there are kids involved includes downsizing and rejiggering one’s living situation. This was something San Francisco-based mother and interior decorator Janette Yost was faced with head-on a couple years ago. But instead of moving out of her centrally located apartment (right across from the storied Painted Ladies, no less) and search for another space in the now astronomically priced city, she decided to move her 3-year-old daughter into her room and rent out her daughter’s former space to roommates. Here, she talks about making that transition, finding love after divorce (she got engaged and moved to Kansas City not too long after our shoot!), and a whole lot more.

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