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New year, new you? Check out what’s in store as 2019 kicks off by reading through the larger themes of our January 2019 horoscopes below, then clicking into your specific sign in our slideshow!

Secure Foundations
January turns the calendar page into 2019, welcoming the New Year with a round of celestial fireworks. Not only is there a fresh year ahead, but also eclipse season, starting with a magnificent solar eclipse and new moon in earthy Capricorn on January 5. The first eclipse of several, this lunation will be woven tightly to Saturn—stationed cozily in Capricorn, the ringed planet’s home sign. Saturn rules longevity, maturity, and responsibility, initiating a fresh, clean start that will bring hearty substance and effects that will stand the test of time. A major theme of this eclipse for all 12 signs will be developing and building foundations for a stable, secure future. No sign will be content to slap a coat of paint over crumbling structures and call it a day. No, what’s created now will be meticulously and soberly crafted with intention, purpose, and responsibility in mind.

The next day, on January 6, Uranus, ruler of revolution, progress, and invention, will turn direct after a long retrograde. Major life shake-ups and unexpected developments are to be expected during this week, resulting in aftershocks that can be at once unsettling and exciting. Ultimately, this forced change will pull us from our comfort zones and grant us a wider space to grow, honoring individuality and self-expression in its highest form.

Venus, governing planet of love, money, beauty, and self-worth, shifts into sunny, optimistic Sagittarius on January 7 where she’ll stay until February 3. With Jupiter also stationed in home sign Sagittarius, it’ll be easy to feel lucky in love, fully embracing romantic adventures and freedom this month. In fact, Jupiter and Venus will become entwined on January 22, cooking up one of the luckiest and most auspicious days of the month—and possibly the year!

Since eclipses are never singular events, the month is bookended with an equally brilliant and potent lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21. The second and final eclipse of January is poised to help each sign connect to their heart center and communicate emotional needs and deep desires more honestly. This will be a powerful moment of fulfillment: Negative spaces we overlooked due to necessity in 2018 will finally be filled in and addressed with positive growth. Speak up and from the heart—now, more than ever, we will accept and manifest the love we truly believe we deserve.

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