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Photographed by Nicki Sebastian
Mother Stories

Meet The Mama-Of-Two Behind J.Crew’s Crewcuts, Jenny Cooper

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

If you want to thank one person for the plethora of cool offerings in kidswear these days, it might just be Jenny Cooper. The Brooklyn-dwelling mother of two (Walker, 14, and Miller, 11) has lead the team at J.Crew‘s Crewcuts for almost a decade now. And we all know how consistently good the pioneering designs (finally, kids’ clothes a parent would wear themselves!) have been over the years, leading the way for indie brands and major retailers alike to follow the Crewcuts’ beat of sophisticated wares for children, infused with plenty of fun. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that the home Cooper shares with her husband and two sons is equally inventive. Here, she invites us into the garage-like Brooklyn building (which they scouted for its unique, not-made-for-living layout) to talk motherhood, work, fashion, and what’s up next for Crewcuts (hint: it involves a certain superheroine’s golden lasso).

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