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Mother Stories

Inside Doll Maker Jess Brown’s World

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Maria Del Rio

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s just something about the mother of teenagers that pulls at our heartstrings extra hard. Jess Brown and her family are no exception. The famed rag doll maker, clothing designer, and author (her second book, The Making Of A Rag Doll, comes out next month) threw open the doors to her gorgeous Petaluma home to invite us into her world and that of her two children, 16-year-old Stella and 13-year-old Tiger. In addition to the stunning decor, this mama’s thoughts on motherhood are equally inspiring. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and enjoy.

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  1. DD says...

    Jess has a great barefoot style! Her house is lovely, and so are her bare feet. Picture #19 is great. Jess’s bare feet go perfectly with her dress. And that big toe in picture #23 looks succulent! Another amazing barefoot mom profile!

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