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Mother Stories

A Trans-Kid Activist & Mother Of 5 (!) Invites Us Into Her BK Brownstone

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Belathee Photography

Motherhood is all about being thrown curveballs. And we can’t think of anyone who understands this better than Jodie Patterson, the beauty entrepreneur behind DooBop, a site that’s expanding the beauty horizons for ladies of color, and all-natural hair and skincare line Georgia NY. Not only is the gorgeous 45-year-old a mother of five (Nain, 25, Georgia, 16, Cassius, 10, Penelope, 8, and Othello, 6), she has become an advocate for the transgender community (especially trans kids) after her third child, Penelope, revealed that he was actually a boy, right around his third birthday. And to make her family even more interesting, she decided to add an additional child (a 19-year-old, mind you) via adoption after already juggling four biological children. She explains it all in fascinating (and truly inspiring) detail right here, while also showing off her eclectic Brooklyn brownstone. Trust us: If you read anything today, make it this.

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