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Photographed by Bridget Wood
Mother Stories

Aussie Mama Julia Ashwood of The Vista

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by

Photographed by Bridget Wood

Julia Ashwood is a back-to-the-land kind of mother. Raised on a working farm outside Byron Bay, Australia, the ambitious and whip-smart Ashwood quickly ascended the ranks in fashion advertising and marketing, eventually landing in NYC working for a handful of major brands. And just over four years ago she decided to forge her own path and launch The Vista, a high-style travel site. But despite her globetrotting, her heart was still in Byron Bay. Immediately following the birth of her daughter, Delilah (now two), she and her husband Matt moved back to the charming (and increasingly cool) coastal town. This past year has been a busy one: They scored their dream house—a perfectly aged farmhouse on 40 acres, complete with sheep, alpaca, and pearl hens—welcomed baby Alby Boy, now four months old; and launched two new interactive Vista guides, California and Byron Bay. While the family can just as often be found exploring far-flung places around the world, Juila has made quite the nest for her little crew in Byron Bay.

Below, she shows us around her dreamy property and introduces us to her two tiny travel companions. Click through and brace yourself for some major wanderlust.

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