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Written by Christie Craft


Exciting changes for all signs seem to be on the horizon with this month’s round of horoscopes. Read the general overview here, before diving into to your personalized reading, below. -JKM 

Summer love is not just a seasonal cliche this July, according to the cosmos. Venus, planet of romance, beauty, luxury, and money, glides through cerebral Air sign Gemini from July 4 through 31, inflating the importance of intellectual connection in our love connections and sensual arousal. Since Venus also rules luxury and finances, Gemini’s brainy energy is bound to generate more than a few wild ideas about ways to earn extra money on the side.

Confrontation with an authority figure (think: your boss, supervisor, or even a parent) may become unavoidable near the harsh, straight-talking Capricorn Full Moon on July 9. Be extremely wary of how you conduct yourself and avoid engaging directly in anything resembling a power struggle or ego-driven conflict. Influential people will be watching — the integrity of your reputation is on the line.

A sunny surge of passion and optimism from the fiery Leo New Moon (July 23) could inspire you to begin a creative endeavor or artistic project. Your instinct is to give love as much as possible during this New Moon. Let your heart open fully without restriction this July: The best antiseptic is sunlight.

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