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July 2023 Horoscopes


Written by Christie Craft

Photography by Luke Gram

It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these July 2023 horoscopes, then finding your specific sign below.

James Baldwin once wrote, “You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you.” Consider this sentiment and practice the art of life, one articulated almost seamlessly by July’s critical mass of executing change through clarity of vision and strength of intent.

There’s a lot to accomplish this month, a tone of diligence set by a Capricorn full moon on July 3. Leaning into the details and specifics could make the work of it more pleasurable and satisfying. You—and your reputation—is a work of art on exhibition, for better or for worse. And naturally, we all crave respect and admiration. But this lunation digs deep, challenging each of us to review our efforts in accordance with the fruits of our labor. Have you truly flexed your capabilities in the light of your ambitions? Chances are, you can go further. Saddle up and ride to the edges of your talent once the stamina of Mars hitches to the earthy dedication of Virgo on July 10. There’s work to be done.

Emotional investment is often key to any job well done and well celebrated, an attitude articulated by a Cancer new moon on July 17. New beginnings initiated now are all but guaranteed to tie into your heartstrings, making the bloom of eventual success smell all the sweeter.

And all that’s rather tame compared to the true change-maker of July: Venus, ruler of love, luxury, aesthetic beauty, and money, spirals into a rare retrograde phase lasting from July 22 until September 3. (Yes, that’s most of the summer for the Northern Hemisphere earthlings—cue the sad trombone lick.) With Venus in Leo, matters of pleasure, fun and creativity in the face of love, beauty, and money will largely be up for revision.

How you see yourself and what you choose to present to the public will change. How you approach intimacy and relating to others is just as likely to shift. Though this is bound to be a vexing time, this stretch of weeks is tailor-made for reinvention and rehab. That’s kind of fun, isn’t it? Sure, stark realizations necessitating unavoidable course corrections may be stressful or shocking at first, but you’ll have carte blanche in how you choose to redesign and refurnish your value system. This is an exciting time of workshopping yourself before the big reveal. So, cushion your summer schedule with plenty of time to cocoon yourself in comfort—you are, after all, a work of art in progress.

July Legend:

July 3: Full Moon in Capricorn
July 10: Mars enters Virgo
July 11: Mercury enters Leo
July 17: New Moon in Cancer
July 22: Sun in Leo
July 22: Venus retrograde begins in Leo
July 23: Chiron retrograde begins in Aries
July 28: Mercury enters Virgo

Find Your Sign

Aries - Love and Toil

March 21 – April 19

Tunnel vision closes in on your career path in the first half of July. You may have trouble peeling away from work, especially near the fastidious full moon in Capricorn on July 3. You’re up for some rather weighty and well-deserved wins. Good for you! As one door closes, another opens, and it’s off to the races with Mars in your corner of work habits. Just remember to live a little. There’s more to life than your job, Aries. A new moon in Cancer on July 17 pulls you back to center, solidifying the belief that what matters most will be at home.

Your core values around pleasure, creativity, and children are up for review when Venus moves into a rare retrograde phase on July 22, lasting until September 3. Perhaps you only need to fine-tune your beliefs or experiment a little rather than upsetting the whole ethical apple cart. Either way, the changes you make now could be karmic and long-lasting.

Taurus - New Bonds

April 20 – May 20

Love is a trip that becomes equal parts exhilarating and bewildering as July wears on. You’ll feel one philosophical cycle end as the doors to another go swinging open near the Capricorn full moon on July 3. Mars heats things up in your pleasure sector on July 10, bringing a fun, lusty energy to love and creativity.

A new moon in Cancer on July 17 further helps you tune in emotionally and intuitively with those you love. This is an excellent time for processing the past through the lens of the present moment. If you can get it all down on paper or dictated into your voice notes app, even better. It could turn into art down the line.

However, your homelife may begin to feel unmoored once Venus begins her long retrograde period, lasting from July 22 to September 3. The values you’ve stitched into the fabric of your home and family life are likely to be ripped at the seams. As uncomfortable as that may be, accept these shaky weeks as a time to weave a bold new tapestry of values on how you approach love, aesthetic beauty, and money in your domestic life.

Gemini - Untangling

May 21 – June 20

You can no longer turn a blind eye to the chaos growing wild in your personal finances. An exacting Capricorn full moon on July 3 highlights every tangle and knot in your relationship with money, opening your eyes to see the situation for what it is. Mars jumps into your home and family sector on July 10, articulating your drive to comb through every snarl to protect and provide for what’s most dear to you. Ripe new opportunities to cushion the gaps in your income are possible during the Cancer new moon on July 17.

Venus shifts into a rare retrograde period on July 22, lasting until September 3, harkening a period of total renegotiation. You may need to revise contracts both practically and emotionally, which will require a lot of talking and conversation. Get it in writing whenever possible, and cushion your summer schedule with plenty of time for rest to avoid exhaustion.

Cancer - The Big Review

June 21 – July 22

The sun is high in the sign of the crab as the month begins, turning your bright gaze to the nourishment of love and money with an emphasis on the value you bring to any well-appointed table. Your views on self-worth apex with a Capricorn full moon on July 3 in your partnership sector. Recognizing your value is critical to your relationships now, and you may need to downshift or dissolve ties with those who don’t see you clearly.

You’ll have the fortitude needed to firmly advocate for yourself once Mars begins transiting your communication zone on July 10. In fact, be prepared to drop anything that seems to weigh you down from your full potential as a Cancer new moon champions your sign (July 17) with a fresh personal start.

Your relationship with money is on the chopping block for revision as Venus begins her rare retrograde period, lasting from July 22 until September 3. Use this stretch of weeks to analyze your budgets and how the sausage is really made. You may realize that certain types of toil just isn’t worth it. Eliminating extravagances and learning to live within your means is the rule of the day.

Leo - Work Smarter, Not Harder

July 23 – August 22

If your job has been negatively affecting your health on the daily, you’ll need to address it this month. Work-life balance could hit such an unhealthy rock bottom during the Capricorn full moon (July 3), you may be asked to choose between your profession and your sanity. Mars sets roots down in your earned income sector on July 10 highlighting your drive and ambition for working smarter and not harder.

All this action is bound to take a toll on your mental health. You may need a solid week of rest and relaxation to recalibrate your stress levels. A Cancer new moon on July 17 is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t feel guilty for going into airplane mode.

You will need plenty of rest to prepare for the Venus retrograde happening in your bold sign from July 22 until September 3. Consider this a period of rebranding specifically around your personal values. Your life’s direction may change dramatically during these weeks; radical acceptance and self-love will be essential for the transition.

Virgo - The Art of Love

August 23 – September 22

The river of love is high and the shining fish in your creative pool are jumping this month, Virgo. A fabulous full moon in Capricorn on July 3 illuminates your pleasure sector, initiating a season of substantial fulfillment. Jackpot ideas are flowing and your children—whether literal or figurative—thrive. Important relationships sing in the key of profound intimacy. This type of love is an art.

Mars enters your sign on July 10 making you practically unstoppable. No matter the endeavor, you’re all but guaranteed success once your mind is fixed and focused. Don’t give up until you win. Others will notice your strength and may lean on you for emotional support, especially during the Cancer new moon on July 17.

Venus begins a rare retrograde period on July 22 lasting until September 3. You may feel confused about the effect love and luxury has on your mental health. Old demons you once thought exorcized may return from your subconscious. These weeks are a critical arena for processing old wounds and shaking loose the ghosts of your past.

Libra - Complex Dynamics

September 23 – October 22

An emotional conflict at home or within your family might tighten your heartstrings early in the month. A Capricorn full moon on July 3 hits your domestic sector, bringing tensions to a boil and possibly delivering charged news from a relative or housemate. With Mars transiting your private house of the subconscious on July 10, you’ll have the wherewithal to go within and parse apart how this kerfuffle has affected you before processing it with anyone else.

Promising developments in your professional life are very possible during the Cancer new moon on July 17. If you’ve been thinking about taking a leap of faith in your career, consider this a nudge from the cosmos to forge a new direction.

Venus—your ruling planet—hits the skids on July 22, embarking on a rare retrograde lasting until September 3. Things may become iffy in your social life during this stretch of weeks, especially if you’ve tried to maintain a friendship with an old flame or have a friend who you’ve become financially entangled with. Such complexities could require a course correction to settle the score.

Scorpio - High Places

October 23 – November 21

You’re highly motivated to connect with others and be heard this month, Scorpio. A Capricorn full moon on July 3 brings to fruition a major conversation or project around media, storytelling, and the written word. This is a time to celebrate, and you’ll have the gusto and good friends to do it with all month long with Mars—one of your dual rulers—traversing your house of friends and social life. This isn’t the month to be a recluse; say yes to all those summer invites! Your next big professional break might be attending those parties, too.

Opportunities to learn and grow are as robust as your confidence. You are entering a new phase of personal and creative success, and your mindset is evolving. This will become totally apparent with the Cancer new moon on July 17.

Every note the cosmos sings in the first three weeks of July strings together a helpful song when Venus spins into a rare retrograde phase on July 22, lasting until September 3. Your career and professional life may look very different now, giving you a blank canvas to reassess your values around work. You’ll be challenged to consider whether your talents and skills are truly garnering the value, respect, and appreciation they deserve. Talking it out with a trusted friend creates a bond of allyship in vulnerability while helping you set career goals more appropriate to your high station.

Sagittarius - Everything Must Go

November 22 – December 21

Career transitions initiated by financial necessity are likely this month. A Capricorn full moon on July 3 sends a strong message that this is no time to play small and disorganized with your earning potential. Mars moves into your career zone on July 10 fueling the bonfire of your aspirations. By the time the Cancer new moon rolls around on July 17, you’ll have plenty of ducks in a row to transform your situation, and possibly knock off a hefty chunk of debt.

Every conviction anchored to approaching love and money goes flying out the window on July 22, when Venus begins a rare retrograde phase lasting until September 3. Consider this a liquidation estate sale for your personal values and philosophies; it’s time to re-furnish the place with ideas—and people—better suited to who you are now.

Capricorn - Confidence Is Her Name

December 22 – January 19

You’re not here to dance around the maypole when it comes to addressing your needs this month. Perhaps your patience has run thin; if so, a brilliant full moon in Capricorn (July 3) blazes with confidence to become the squeaky wheel. You’ll make your standards known to all, especially when Mars fires up your house of personal philosophy and spirituality on July 10.

Confidence and steadfastness in getting what you want trickle down into your partnerships mid month, articulated by a Cancer new moon on July 17. Your desires have been heard, and both intimate and business partners alike are bound to define the relationship in a more secure, committed tone. You’ll be pleased.

You’ll suffer no fools in your financial portfolio with Venus turning retrograde on July 22. Until September 3, confusion and dissatisfaction with money management may spur you into action, course correcting on many important investments and expenditures. If you work with a financial advisor or accountant and are unhappy, this is an excellent time to find someone new.

Aquarius - Mental Health Matters

January 20 – February 18

Confronting the things that go bump in the night—and in the back of your mind—might be somewhat unavoidable early in the month. An exacting Capricorn full moon (June 3) lights a lantern in the deepest parts of your psyche where the cobwebs of your anxieties and fears reside. Sunlight is an antiseptic, and once you see the buggers, they’ll be far less scary. Mars moves into your house of transformation on July 10, giving you the courage and heart to sweep them out. This is fabulous timing to begin working with a new therapist or engage in deep work with your current counselor or psychologist, especially near the Cancer new moon on July 17.

Changes are in order for your closest partnerships this month, too. Venus backspins into a rare retrograde phase on July 22, matching feelings of discomfort in your intimate and business relations with material evidence. Are your alliances truly appreciating you? Are you being compensated fairly? You’ll blaze a path of profound discovery in re-evaluating your personal values and ethics in this stretch of crooked weeks.

Pisces - The Breakdown

February 19 – March 20

Breaking up is hard to do, and you’ve been through it this year. This month, you may need to either downshift or completely dissolve a friendship that’s grown stale or emotionally wolfish. Listen to your gut and you’ll know exactly what to do during the Capricorn full moon on July 3.

Mars shifts into your partnership sector on July 10, setting passions ablaze. Then, a new moon in Cancer on July 17 sets the stage for emotional communion in your romantic life. This could be a period of conflict followed by lush reconciliation and repair in your relationship.

Venus slides into a rare retrograde phase on July 22 lasting until September 3. You may need to revisit a health protocol or find a new physician who better meets your needs. Alternatively, you may return to a job or a way of working that is more supportive of your mental and physical well-being. Whatever changes you make, it will be loud and clear that your health should come first.

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