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Your June 2015 Horoscope

Written by Christie Craft


Our horoscopes are baaaaack! This time by our new star-savvy columnist, Christie Craft. Get a general monthly overview below, plus click into your sign’s special slide for an in-depth forecast.

You might sense an odd electricity in the air as the full moon in Sagittarius kicks the month off with a philosophical vibe. June 2 will ignite a period of enlightenment for all 12 signs, elevating personal awareness to a higher plane. That same week, Venus pairs with sunny Leo, maximizing the season’s potential for true love. When the heart and mind unite like this, profound, sexy experiences are limitless for all—whether single or attached.

Lingering misunderstandings will ease when Mercury begins his direct orbit on June 11. Communications will crystalize by June 16 when the new moon lands in cerebral Gemini. This lunation lends most signs a silver tongue—you could not be better poised for negotiating contracts and making pitches.

The first day of summer (June 22) hosts Jupiter and Uranus in what might be their luckiest position yet. Moody Cancer and explosive Mars cast shadows on June 24, when passive-aggressive tension could arise between family members.

June might be downright weird, but fun and beauty fills the month on such a lavish scale Marie Antoinette would blush.

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