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Your June 2017 Horoscope

Written by Christie Craft


Summer weather has arrived, and with it, a fresh batch of predictions. Take a look at the general overview here, before clicking through to your personalized reading for the month of June, below. -JKM 

The urge to nest catapults domestic matters to top priority as the month opens with assertive Mars, planet of ambition and drive, cozying up in home and family-obsessed Cancer. Motivation to tackle home-improvement projects runs high from June 4 through July 20, though this aspect may also compel some to resolve more difficult domestic problems. Butting heads with family members and domestic partners is extremely likely, though every constructive disagreement can be worked through and lead to powerful breakthroughs.

Although Venus rules love, beauty, and luxury, the planet of sensuality and romance brings generous blessings to money matters, setting up shop in Taurus from June 6 to July 4. Making powerful strides in improving financial strength is possible during these weeks for all signs, as long as you’re willing to commit to a balanced work ethic. Venus’ Taurus tour tends to make us a tad more interested in connecting physically with the environment and natural world, so take advantage of June with plenty of trips to peaceful reserves or rural locales.

An ethical dilemma will likely come to a head near June 9, when a frenetic Full Moon in Sagittarius demands brutal honesty and awareness. A tonic of logic and realism is the remedy to any sticky moral situation. At month’s end, a moody New Moon in Cancer offers the perfect escape to rest, recharge, and reconnect with your home life and family roots. Get all the rest you can in June—July is gonna be a hot one!


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