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october 2022 horoscopes

June 2022 Horoscopes

october 2022 horoscopes

Written by Christie Craft


It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these June 2022 horoscopes below, then clicking into your specific sign in our slideshow.

 How Sustainable Is Your Setup?

Thinking clearly—and knowing what you want—gains much momentum as the month of June speeds up. Mental obstacles dissipate after Mercury retrograde ends on June 3, finally allowing us passage into the future. But we’ll be summoned to Saturn’s court the next day (June 4) when the planet of responsibility begins its own retrograde. Are the structures of your life supporting you or hindering you? Now’s the time to fix vital foundational cracks. 

Mercury shifts into Gemini on June 13, lending more brainpower to strategically figuring out any hitch from multiple angles. Calling in reinforcements from a glittering social collective may also be an effortless endeavor. This specific energy will overflow when Venus joins Mercury in Gemini on June 22. Effervescent social skills and a super-attractive intellect will win many admirers. You never know what connections you can make—love, friendship, money, and success are all supported by this planetary party in airy Gemini. 

A Sagittarius full moon on June 14 helps us view our lives from the outside, heightening our self-awareness of what’s working and what needs to hit the bricks. The Sun enters Cancer on June 21, ushering in the Season of the Crab. During the Cancer new moon on June 28, openly wading in pools of emotion can help us honor tenderness in approaching changing tides, though some may be bowled over by gushing tsunamis of unexpected depth. Don’t ignore your emotional needs at the risk of drowning. Be curious in examining the sustainability of your external and internal life structures. 

June Legend:
June 3: Mercury turns direct in Taurus
June 4: Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius
June 13: Mercury enters Gemini
June 14: Full Moon in Sagittarius
June 21: Sun enters Cancer
June 22: Venus enters Gemini
June 28: New Moon in Cancer, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces

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