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Photographed by Maria del Rio
Mother Stories

Pregnancy Style: Kai Avent-deLeon of Sincerely, Tommy

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Maria Del Rio

As the owner of Bed Stuy hotspot and concept shop Sincerely, Tommy, we knew mama-to-be Kai Avent-deLeon would have incredible pregnancy style. What proved more impressive that her duds, however, is Avent-deLeon’s incredibly thoughtful entrée into motherhood, which hasn’t been without hardship. Within a little over a year’s time, the Brooklyn native suffered a devastating miscarriage, followed by an ectopic pregnancy that ended in an emergency surgery, and finally her current pregnancy with a baby boy whose arrival is now just around the corner. Below, the creative gets candid about her journey to motherhood, her inspiring relationship with her own parents, her business, and her hopes and dreams for her son.

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