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Photography by Maria del Rio
Mother Stories

Meet S.F. Artist And Mother Of One Katrina Santa Ana-Jose

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Maria del Rio

San Francisco has taken a fair amount of heat for pushing out its creative class, and for turning former artists’ warehouses into soulless tech offices. That’s just one reason why today’s profile is such a breath of fresh air. Katrina Santa Ana-Jose and her husband Victor Reyes are both working artists, and with their sweet, imaginative son—Valentine, 6—they all spend their days immersed in making. Whether it’s wall-sized paintings (him), eclectic textiles (her), or bamboo nunchucks (Val), the San Francisco–based family is creative to its core. They live a snug existence in a tiny apartment smack in the center of the city, but have plenty of space to spread out at their warehouse studio in the Dogpatch neighborhood, where there are zones for each family member to be inspired and make whatever moves them. It’s a dream of a studio, but what’s even more inspiring are Katrina’s poignant thoughts on art, politics, motherhood, and so much more. Click through the slideshow below to read our full interview with her, and prepare to be blown away by both of the spaces they call home.

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  1. Desiree says...

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.

  2. Marisa says...

    This is so refreshing ! Not just another Instagram mom. Katerina’s spaces and the values she promotes are just beautiful!

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