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This Tee Just Raised $25K In 24 Hours (+ Other Ways To Help)

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Neve and Hawk

While the news can look quite grim at the moment (and really, it has been for some time now), there are moments of brightness in the darkness that are worth highlighting.

Many have covered the staggering success of the viral Facebook campaign started by a California couple on a whim that has now garnered nearly $17 million for RAICES, the largest immigration legal services provider in Texas, which supports victims of parent-child separation at the border (you can donate to that campaign here).

And, on a smaller—but still quite incredibly big—scale, mom-and-pop shop Neve and Hawk launched a “Keep Families Together” t-shirt just 24 hours ago that has already raised $25,000 for RAICES.

“The thought of making a shirt and selling to raise money was on my mind for a couple of weeks,” explains Neve and Hawk owner Kris Galmarini. “It wasn’t until a few days ago when I really became overcome with the idea. I think it was the only thing my brain could go to in order to help in a situation in which I felt helpless.”

Kris and her husband whipped up a design and were able to get it online by Wednesday, launching it via Instagram. Orders started rolling in within seconds of its launch, and have now tallied up to an impressive $25,000 and counting.

“I just feel blown away,” says Kris of the shirt’s success. “But I was thinking about this. Should I be? We are surrounded by good, even when it doesn’t feel that way. And that good shines bright. We just happened to be able to make a product to help that light shine brighter.”

If you’re interested in buying the $35 t-shirt (which comes in sizes for the entire family, starting at 3 months old to XXL adult) head over here. 100% of proceeds go to RAICES.

Other brands, like Mother favorite Christine Alcalay, an immigrant child herself, is donating 100% of her brand‘s proceeds through the weekend to Together Rising. (Read about her story here).

Instagram favorite Still We Rise will also be holding an online auction July 2-9, with proceeds supporting the ACLU, RAICES, and the Texas Civil Rights Project. Find out how to get involved or support the cause here.

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