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Day In The Life: Kelly And Spencer Dezart-Smith

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Kelly and Spencer Dezart-Smith

In honor of Father’s Day on the horizon (June 21st), today we are checking in with two of our very favorite dads, Kelly and Spencer Dezart-Smith. Last year we followed Spencer’s pregnancy and the birth of the couple’s son Lexi in a 5-part series, and now the family invites us back into their home in Sydney, Australia, to show us what life looks like for them during lockdown. As restrictions in their city start to lift, the family is enjoying a little more time outdoors and even some IRL hangouts with friends. Below, Kelly and Spencer share what a typical day looks like, and thankfully, serve up plenty of pics of Lexi’s heart-melting grin. Click through the slideshow below to spend the day with them!

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