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Instant Room Refresh: Upgrade Your Kid’s Bedding

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photograph Courtesy Of Meri Meri

When breathing new life into your home by way of a seasonal springtime cleaning, there are a few easy tricks to do so without spending a fortune. Think new throw pillows for the sofa, updated artwork over the mantel, fresh house plants, colorful flower arrangements sprinkled throughout, and more.

Now, when thinking of your child’s domain and going from one transitional phase to the next, one surefire way to upgrade their space is with a quick switcheroo in bedding. Out with the old and in with the crisp clean sheets, shams, and blankets for an automatic room refresh! Whether moving from a crib to a toddler bed or a big kid bed to a twin, we’ve rounded up a collection of 25 of our sleepy-time favorites for kids of all ages. Click through the gallery, below, add while you’re at it, peep our roundup of stuffed toys and pillows to add even more cute to your little one’s cot.

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