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4 Kid-Friendly Sandwiches With A French Twist

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by

Photo courtesy of Anh-Thu Nguyen-Trong

Oh, the French. They seem to do it all so well, including raising not-so-picky eaters. The possible key? Introducing their kids to a plethora of flavors from the jump. In need of switching up your child’s PB&J routine? Try one of these four savory sandwich ideas, straight from the unreleased book Bon Appetit, Little One, a passion project by the designers behind adorable childrenswear line Les Petits Carreaux. Inspired by their own childhoods in France (one of the women now lives in California) and the cantine school lunch system they experienced there, the book is chock-full of just-simple-enough recipes, which we’ll be sharing with you from time to time on Mother. See below and bon appétit! 

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