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Photography by Julia Hirsch
Mother Stories

Inside The NYC Loft of Comedian, Author, And New Mama Laura Lane

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Julia Hirsch

We think a sense of humor is essential for any parent—especially during that wild, wonderful, blow-out-filled first year—and today’s mama is all set in that department. Laura Lane was a successful journalist, writing for The New Yorker, ESPN, Esquire, Vanity Fair, and People when her feel-good hobby took off. Laura was taking improv classes for fun, but her laugh-out-loud performances ended up earning her two books deals, a wildly popular podcast, and a potential TV show. Her latest book, the witty Cinderella and the Glass Ceiling and Other Feminist Fairy Tales, comes out March 10. Oh yeah, and she just had a baby. Laura is nailing her latest role, that of mama to 18-month-old Rilo. Below, Laura shows us around her colorful, art-filled Brooklyn loft and talks new motherhood in all of its beautiful, messy, joyful, scary, and hilarious glory.

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  1. Faith says...

    I rarely leave comments but felt this story deserves one. I feel your pain with the unicornate uterus! The community of other moms and especially stories like these help tremendously. The data and statistics are helpful too but it’s the stories that really helped me; the good, bad and ugly. I went until 36 weeks with first and 34 weeks with second. Both healthy (besides numerous hernias) and happy boys. In addition, your style, beauty perspective and being a rockin working mom is just so cool. Well done!

  2. DD says...

    I really love this site. Moms so wonderfully barefoot at home. Picture # 8 is the first one where we see Laura’s bare feet, but just a hint. Her heel and partial sole have such a beautiful tone! Picture #15 is the first where Laura’s bare feet are seen in their beauty. I love pictures like this one. It is as if she just arrived home from work or shopping, kicked off her shoes, and will be spending the rest of the day barefoot. In #24 we finally get a good look at Laura’s toes, and they are so cute! Not sure of the color of her polish, but it’s subtle and very pretty. Finally, in picture #34 her beautiful high arch and lovely skin tone shine through. Oh and nearly forgot about #37, another nice picture of Laura’s adorable toes!

    Another great profile of another great barefoot momma!

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