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Momboss: Celebrity Trainer Lauren Kleban Of LEKfit

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

Now that fall is in full swing, there’s no doubt you’re already making the shift into holiday mode and beginning to plan for family celebrations, menus, and more. So, while working out might not be the first thing on everyone’s mind, allow our second Momboss feature to serve as a motivational guide to endless fit-spiration (and biz-spiration!) as the holiday season draws near. Meet Lauren Kleban, founder of the high-intensity, it-girl obsessed workout program, LEKfit, and mama to two blonde babes (Miles, 4, and Romy, 2). Aside from daily carpool runs and balancing her role as “mama”, she also fearlessly runs a successful business from a chic garage-turned-home studio. Here the inspiring and in-shape #momboss gives us the grand tour and talks all things business, fitness, and family.

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