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Photographed by Mann Frau
Mother Stories

Chasing Paper Founder Elizabeth Rees On Playing & Working At Home With Her 2 Under 2

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Mann Frau

Juggling 2 kids under 2-years-old…during a pandemic…while your business is booming (!) is no small feat. But Chasing Paper founder Elizabeth Rees has some help—including Lovevery’s perfectly curated Play Kits that keep newborns and toddlers engaged for hours on end. Below, the Milwaukee-based mother of Uma (nearly 19 months) and Marlow (4 months) opens up her beautiful, colorful home to MOTHER (swoon-worthy wallpaper included!) to take a trio of Lovevery products for a spin: The Charmer Play Kit (for ages 3-4 months), The Pioneer Play Kit (for ages 16-18 months), and the brand-new Organic Nap Mat, perfect for the daycare/preschool set.

Already a fan of Lovevery before our feature, Rees sounded off about what makes these Montessori-inspired toys so ideal for little ones (and parents), as well as filled us in on her own childhood, going from 1 to 2 kids so close in age, her post-COVID plans, and more!

This article is brought to you by Mother x Lovevery.

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  1. The girls are beautiful, the house is beautiful, the mom is beautiful… and I LOVE the idea of Montessori toys. Will have to check these out for my little 8 month old!

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