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Photography by Hannah Suh

Lovevery’s Brain-Boosting Play Kits—Now For Bigger Kids!

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Hannah Suh

Lovevery fans, rejoice! Just when you thought your tot had outgrown this amazing toy subscription service, the brand—known for its best-selling activity mat, block set, and educational Play Kits for babies and toddlers—has launched four more play kits aimed at kiddos aged 2 to 3.

The new collection includes four new activity boxes: The Helper (25-27 months), The Enthusiast​ (28-30 months), The Investigator​ (31-33 months), and The Free Spirit​ (34-36 months). Each play kit, which is delivered right to your door every 3 months, is filled with a variety of engaging toys for your curious and ever-changing toddler, from pretty puzzles boards and stacking boulders for honing fine-motor skills, to cheerful felt flowers and a tea set for imaginative play, to a working sink, spray bottle, and squeegee for hours of squeaky-clean fun. Each expert-designed kit also comes with a detailed guide that explains why each toy, book, and object was selected, based on the latest in developmental research. The booklets include handy advice for the best way to play and engage with your toddler during their pivotable third year of life, taking the guess work out of when and how to introduce new concepts to your knowledge-hungry kiddo.

What’s more? All Lovevery products are made with non-toxic, premium materials—including sustainably harvested wood and organic cotton—which makes them safe for tots who still like to taste-test their toys during playtime.

To take these new play kits for a spin, we asked photographer and mother of three Hannah Suh to test them out with her incredibly adorable 2-year-old, Logan—and of course, 6-year-old twins Leo and Ella couldn’t help but get in on the fun! Even mom and dad eventually joined in. “As a whole family we all loved the stacking rock boulders. All 5 of us played with that one, and we’ve kept playing with it every day since we opened the box!” says Hannah. To take a closer look at what’s inside these expertly edited, eco-friendly play kits for bigger kids (and to spy on some adorable playtime with sibs Logan, Ella, and Leo), check out our slideshow below.

This post is brought to you by Mother x Lovevery.

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