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The Ultimate Toddler Playdate With Lovevery’s Newest Play Kits

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Emily Scott

If you’re anything like us, you are always on the lookout for that parental holy grail—the perfect toy. Most parents are all too familiar with the hunt, constantly searching for the toy that will keep their high-energy tots entertained while also teaching them a thing or two during playtime. But let’s be real, picking out toys is no easy feat. Is it developmentally appropriate? Is it safe? Will our kids still care about it tomorrow? (Probably not). Will its blinking lights and beeping noises drive us completely insane? (Most definitely). That’s why we are so enamored with Lovevery’s newest offering: A set of four brand-new Play Kits aimed squarely at those babbling, jumping, ever-curious toddlers.

We’ve long been fans of the brand’s baby-focused Play Gym and Play Kits designed for baby’s first year, so when we heard about the brand-new kits for those terrific ones and twos (that’s how the saying goes, right?) we called an emergency playdate and let our little crew of tots go wild with the new collection, which includes The Babbler (13-15 months), The Pioneer (16-18 months), The Realist (19-21 months), and The Companion (22-24 months).

The moment we brought those pretty, simple boxes out to the lawn, our toddlers knew it was party time—they dove right in and started gleefully exploring without any encouragement or instruction. And us mamas knew all those pretty Montessori-inspired toys were giving their brains and bodies a little workout, and encouraging the play-based learning that is so important at this age.

Since our group ranged in age from 13 to 27 months, all four boxes were huge hits. Each is filled with a variety of spot-on toys for our ever-changing toddlers, from colorful wood puzzles, to cheerful board books, to mini animals for imaginative play. Each expert-designed kit also comes with a detailed guide that explains why each toy, book, and object was selected, based on the latest in developmental research. The booklets include handy advice for the best way to play and engage with your toddler during their pivotable second year, taking the guess work out of when and how to introduce new concepts to your knowledge-hungry kiddo.

What’s more? All Lovevery products are made with non-toxic, premium materials—including sustainably harvested wood and organic cotton—which makes them safe for tots still mastering the difference between a real carrot and that convincing-looking garden-inspired puzzle piece. Once you sign up, a new kit comes right to your door every few months, providing a perfect new assortment of toys for your kiddo.

To take a closer look at what’s inside these expertly edited, eco-friendly Play Kits (and to peep the fun playdate the kits inspired), check out our slideshow below.

This post is brought to you by Mother x Lovevery.

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