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Your March 2018 Horoscope

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy


March is in the air, and lucky for us, so are a new collection of astrological forecasts from resident planet-gazing columnist Christie Craft. Read through the monthly overview right here—it’s an eventful one to say the least—then click into your personalized reading, below. And, may the stars align for you this month. -JKM

As every month seems to balance the last one, March makes up for February’s shortage of a full moon with two full moons sandwiching the 31 days perfectly. This means—you guessed it—March is a Blue Moon month. The cosmic parade begins with a Virgo full moon on March 1 that’s absolutely anchored in realism, a welcome reality check at best, and at worst an alarming alert to switch gears for all 12 zodiac signs. The first week of the month provides fertile ground to reconsider your work: Are you burnt out? If you are drowning in an unsustainable work environment or have simply changed your mind about your job, this first full moon is just what the doctor ordered to correct your course.

Luna’s opposition to idealistic Neptune is a signal that we may yearn to give ourselves over to more altruistic work with a greater purpose—or that we crave a career that taps our passions. Venus, planetary ruler of values and money among other things, forms a supportive angle with expansive Jupiter and quick-thinking Mercury on March 1 and 2. Consider this a cosmic green light on following your ambitions—focusing on work that creates joy in your life will also create an influx of money. March 2 is a near-perfect day for negotiating contracts and signing any work-related agreements.

Love becomes more urgent and fiery when Venus penetrates Aries on March 6. Messenger Mercury will also be conjunct Venus at this time, rewarding us in taking risks and speaking from the heart. You will be heard and seen when going after your crush or voicing your needs to your lover.

Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio on March 8, trekking backwards through this deep sign until July 10. These months are tailor-made for philosophical and spiritual reflection. We may crave a more intimate understanding of what makes us tick. Indulge your curious mind by adopting an esoteric study or meditation practice to explore your subconscious.

Mid-month, we may be incapacitated by a need to break free of stale routines. On March 11, Uranus, planet of rebellion, will sit in assertive Aries, while forming a trine with action-packed Mars, now in optimistic Sagittarius. Let your freak flag fly just a little—instinctual knowledge will run high, rewarding us for taking the right risks with unique experiences, sensations, and relationships. New projects launched during this aspect will thrive, and we’ll all feel our animal magnetism and sex drive skyrocket.

A Pisces new moon on March 17 drenches reality in pixie dust lending an enormous amount of support to initiate a creative, spiritual, or compassionate venture. Let go of any competitiveness or need to be right; if someone with greater experience appears at your doorstep offering advice or mentorship, take it! From March 17 to May 16, Mars will be marching through pragmatic Capricorn, a phenomenal placement for business and all career pursuits. Harness this energy to employ self-discipline and strategy in your greater plan for success. But, wait—don’t launch anything or execute any of those brilliant plans just yet. We are due for another Mercury retrograde from March 22 to April 15, this time in Aries, calling attention to the self-centered thought patterns and ego-driven actions hindering our goals.

A stressed-out full moon in Libra caps the month off on March 31. A relationship may come to an end during this lunation, either in business, love, or friendship. A conflict or crisis could throw salt on your exposed wound. Though painful, this will ultimately lead to higher self-awareness and rapid healing. Venus enters even-keeled Taurus that same day, signaling that greener pastures await.

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