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Mother Stories

Meet Furniture Designer And Mama of Two, Michaele Simmering

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photography by Katrina Dickson

If you haven’t heard of Kalon Studios, boy are you missing out. The made-in-Los Angeles furniture brand is booming—not to mention utterly fabulous! Here, the designer and co-founder Michaele Simmering invites us into her beautiful Silverlake home, that is of course, filled with hers and her husband Johann’s exceptional makings (the duo just won the coveted 2014 Martha Stewart American Made award). Along the way, she introduces us to their two adorable daughters, 8-year-old Io and 5-year-old Echo. With an admirable intentional approach to design and honest take on motherhood, get ready to be inspired!

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  1. DD says...

    So Cal is really filled to the brim with barefooting mamas! Michaele’s toes look so cute and seductive in picture #18. However, picture #25 is my favorite. I love when barefoot women sit that way! Michaele’s bare feet look perfect! I love the tone of her skin and how smooth her sole looks. She also has nice arches! Picture #36 is cute too. I love it when women are dressed nicely and walking around barefoot. The timing of the shot was perfect with Michaele standing on her tip toes!

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