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We Die: Misha + Puff’s Fall Lookbook

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photography by Susie Cushner courtesy of Misha and Puff

We know we introduced you to the adorable world that is Misha and Puff just a couple of weeks ago, but the designer behind the brand, Anna Wallack, is giving us a first-look at her upcoming Fall/Winter collection and we just can’t help but share it! The newest line doesn’t disappoint, offering a broad range of Wallack’s signature chunky knits that somehow make every child wearing them even more adorable.

“I continue to be inspired by the tradition of hand knitting and vintage styles. The collection sort of evolves and develops as I am knitting it. I am also inspired by practicality and the wool itself,” says Wallack. “Also, really the main inspiration is that it’s just so freaking cute to see a baby’s cheeks pouring out of a hand-knit bonnet. Cute, but not cutesy, you know what I mean? I like that the line has a serious, straightforwardness about it. It’s not whimsical or trendy, but rather, timeless.”

We concur. And are loving it all.

Made from super soft, machine-washable merino wool that is hand-dyed in custom (non-“baby”) colors, the wares are stretchy, breathable, and perfect for little chubby bodies up to 4 years old. Now, hop to it and browse the make-you-squeal fall looks below. Then, mark your calendar for early September, when the hand-knit wonders will be available in stores and online.

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