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Eight Things To Do This Mother’s Day, Starting At $0

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photograph by James Kicinski-McCoy

As Mother’s Day approaches, everyone has their beautiful mamas on the brain. And while gifts are always great, sometimes it’s nice to do rather than receive. Make memories this year by spending the day with your loved ones the old-fashioned way for little-to-no money!

Go for a Hike. For the nature-loving mama, sometimes a good ol’ hike is all you need on your special day. Get the kids involved in a family hike, pack plenty of snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and anything else you might need on the trails.

Pack a Picnic. Spring is the time to get out and about, and what better reason to do so than a fun picnic lunch outside? Grab a basket, some blankets, and make a beautiful meal of your family’s favorite foods and snacks, and head out to the park. Champagne and chocolates are always a great bonus!

Plant Flowers. Mother’s Day is right around the time everything starts blooming and flourishing, so it’s a perfect time to hit up your local nursery and pick out some new flowers, herbs, and other plants. Once you get them home, you can have a potting party with the littles to teach them about botany.

Something Sweet. Stay in and bake a decadent cake, cookies, or pie together. Not only will the house smell incredible, but there’s not much cuter than kids helping out in the kitchen. Baking not your thing? Head out for an afternoon ice cream cone and a family walk.

Take Advantage of Your Town. You know all the things you talk about doing with the family, but never make time to actually do? The time is now. Visit a museum, your local zoo, a botanical garden, science center, or head to the roller rink. Experience something fun and new together!

Get Crafty. Need a good dose of DIY? Make the day all about crafting. Involve the kids and conquer one or a few of those pinned items on your list. Or, head out to a paint-your-own-pottery place with the kids—there’s nothing better than a child-painted mug for mom!

Catch a Movie. Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Head to the theater with the family in tow for a movie date with all the candy and popcorn you could want. Or better yet, head to the drive-in for a fun flick under the stars.

Road Trip Anyone? Get away for the day by packing up the car with snacks, drinks, entertainment for the kids, and set out on a quick little adventure to a nearby city. Stay in a hotel for a fun sleepover or head back home in time to sleep in your own bed at night!

Have any ideas to add to our list? Please tell us in the comments below.

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