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What We Want For Mother’s Day

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Portrait by Maria Del Rio; Tintype courtesy of Elinor Diamond

Mother’s Day (one of our favorite holidays, obviously) is right around the corner. And, let’s face it, sometimes one’s partner needs a good old-fashioned wishlist in order to get the gift-giving job done. So, we thought it only right to share our own wants this year—from spa days and perfume to cookbooks and stylish, stroller-friendly shoes—that might inspire a list of your own. Of course, if all we get is kiddie snuggles and pancakes, that’ll do, too.

Katie’s Picks (left to right): 
“I’m super inspired by interiors, even though my home is less than Pin-worthy at the moment. Flipping through The Selby’s latest tome will hopefully give me the kick in the bum I need to get my space in order.”
Fashionable Selby, $25.82, Amazon.

“There’s something quite indulgent these days about grabbing a cup of chai from my corner cafe and sipping it at my desk. No doubt dumping it in a pretty tumbler would elevate the experience.”
Robert Blue Cup, $15, Reliquary.

“I love a bold dress. Plus, it’s a major bonus if said dress is designed by my good friends, The Podolls.”
The Podolls AirMail Dress, $368, The Podolls.

“I absolutely adore old-school tintypes. They’re so special, and luckily you can get them done in S.F. Both my husband and I have have solo tintype portraits, but now we need one of little Diego to make the family set complete!”
Michael Schindler Tintype, price upon request, Michael Schindler.

“Speaking of pictures, I have yet to print any good ones of the little guy. But I’d really love to put together a hardcover book of his most adorable first year moments. I read about this company on James’ blog, actually, and would love to try it out.”
Hardcover Photo Book, $69 and up, Artifact Uprising.

“I already own five pairs of Freda Salvador shoes…and I want another! I know these gorgeous black slip-ons with Swarovski crystals would pretty much never leave my feet!”
Freda Salvador See Metallic Black Shoes, $375, Freda Salvador.

“Honestly, there’s nothing I want more this year than a spa day. My dream would be a nice four-hour stretch at S.F.’s International Orange, including a sauna session, 90-minute essential oil massage, and lots of magazine reading and lounging on the outdoor patio afterwards.”
International Orange, $150 gift certificate, International Orange.


Photo via Caitlin Mociun

James’s Picks (left to right):
“Ever since I laid eyes on Bandelier, I have coveted its leather stitched pieces. They’re like artwork for your neckline. My two favorites are the Ritual Necklace and the Circuit Necklace, in natural.”
Bandelier Necklaces, $145-$147, Hawthorn Boutique.

“I collect cookbooks, and have been dying to get my hands on My Paris Kitchen. It looks beautiful!”
My Paris Kitchen, $35, Books-A-Million.

“Kathleen Whitaker is my favorite jewelry designer. Her talent is through the roof! I have five of her pieces and am looking to add her Long Stitch Earring into the mix.”
Long Stitch Earring, $130, Kathleen Whitaker.

“We have a little Mother’s Day tradition in our home, when after breakfast-in-bed and receiving homemade cards from the kids, we go to the nursery to load up on house plants and flowers for the patio. My favorite spot in town is called Hewitt. It’s right outside of Nashville, on your way to Franklin, and has the best selection.”
House Plants, prices vary, Hewitt Garden Center.

“I was at Sephora recently and sampled the new Roses de Chloe perfume. I wore Chloé on my wedding day, and this is the perfect mix of that nostalgic scent with just a hint of rose. Love it!”
Roses De Chloé, $70, Rose De Chloé.

“I have always admired No.6 footwear, but have yet to make a purchase. These black leather and wooden platforms would be a great starter pair, and they would look great with my spring dresses!”
Two-Tone Clog on Platform in Coal, $305, No.6.

“I’m a sucker for pretty textiles for my home. These hand-woven linens from India would easily be put to use.”
Auntie Oti Rustic Towel Scarf, $42, Shop Mille.

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