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We Tried It (Over Brunch): The Narrative Clip 2

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photography by Michelle Drewes

Taking a bajillion pictures of your kids (sometimes daily) is inevitable. After all, just look at those little perfect faces! Unfortunately, holding a phone between yourself and your child’s mug all day long can have negative effects. Just think about it: Not only are you seeing a good portion of life through the lens of your iPhone camera (versus your actual eyes!), your kids are likely to get really burnt out on the parental-paparazzi thing, and really fast. Of course, not documenting life’s most precious moments is also not an option.

One solution? The Narrative Clip 2, which boasts the ability to capture those cherished family moments, hands free. One of the Narrative’s founders invented the device to create a way to take high-quality, authentic, non-posed pictures, since he had none from his childhood. The small wearable camera can be customized to take photos at regular intervals throughout the day (every 2 minutes, for example) and video if you give a couple of firm taps—simply clip it on and go! To try out the new gadget ourselves, we invited a dozen of our favorite S.F. mamas to join us over an intimate Kitchit brunch last week. Check out the happenings below!

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