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NATIVE AMERICAN childrens books

60+ Children’s Books By Native Authors & Illustrators

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

November marks Native American Heritage Month and is one of many celebrations of Indigenous and Native American people that occurs throughout the fall in the U.S.—Native American Heritage Day is the day after Thanksgiving, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is the second week of October, and Native American Day is the fourth Friday in September. Meanwhile, in Canada, National Indigenous Peoples Day takes place on June 21. Of course, one doesn’t need to wait until a specific day or change in season to dive into the rich and often painful history of the land that so many of us currently inhabit. Below, we’ve pulled together over 60 children’s books written or illustrated by Indigenous people of the U.S. and Canada. Naturally, the stories are as varied as the folks who author them. While some are filled with the tragic truths of genocide and colonization, others are beautiful and poetic celebrations of culture and heritage. We encourage you to dive into these book with your children early and often—year-round!

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