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Your November 2015 Horoscope

Written by Christie Craft


We hope you all had a happy and spooky Halloween weekend and just can’t believe that November is already here! The holidays are right around the corner—yippie! Being that it is the beginning of the month, we welcome our columnist Christie Craft and her predictions for the days ahead.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, November is a mysterious, sleepy month nestled between Halloween hangovers and Thanksgiving bingeing. It’s also the birth month for many mid- and late-season Scorpios, as well as their fiery neighbors with early Sagittarius birthdays. But Scorpio—the sign of death, sex, and rebirth, often but less frequently characterized by the Phoenix rising from its ashes—has a big story to tell during this transformative month.

On November 2, the month kicks off with sharp, intense communication as sister Scorpio sits with quick-thinking and incisive Mercury. From now until November 20, there will be nil miscommunications when it comes to speaking from the heart. (And for those of you close to Scorpios, you know their tongues can sometimes be as cutting as they are honest.) On that same day, though, sweet Venus entwines with her cosmic lover, war god Mars, in earthy Virgo—an unparalleled aspect that will illuminate new depths of love and intimacy for water and earth signs.

Days later on November 8, Venus dances into ultra-compatible Libra, harmonizing partnerships and relationships until early December. Mars follows hot on his lover’s heels into Libra on November 12, where he’ll gladly stick his neck out to fight in the name of true love. Sandwiched between this astro-drama is a new moon in Scorpio on November 11, doubling up the intensity and clearing the way for positive transformations. And if that wasn’t enough, on November 13 Venus and Saturn link, alongside Mercury and Jupiter, making it a banner day for professional advancement.

Confusion strikes on November 18 when Neptune ends his retrograde period, lending fuzziness and fog to a bizarre Gemini full moon on November 25. Separating logic from reality—and all the emotions in-between—could seem like a Herculean task by the end of the month. November closes with an air of disillusionment in our most core beliefs, and many of us may start to see irreparable cracks in our foundational values. It’s time to move on.

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