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November marks a permanent chill in the air and a brand-new batch of astrological forecasts. Read a general overview here, before unveiling what’s written in your personal stars, below. -JKM 

The dance of the living is choreographed around balance. Our physicality and corporeal state takes focus first, if only because we can see, feel, and operate on the mundane plane through our bodies. Along with this awareness comes materialism and the collection of objects and money — these are the lower-dimensional facets we humans tend to concern ourselves with to a point of obsession. Still, even the most grounded, a-spiritual individual can sense that there’s something beyond the physical veil, a depth woven into an infinite universal web. Some of us don’t (or won’t) take time to savor this parallel between the one-dimensional world and the mysterious beyond until the temporary nature of our existence makes itself heard. When death comes, we clammer to hold fast to the physical and fail, invoking the eternal hunt for depth and meaning beyond the five senses. So, the sixth sense is born: This is the balance between Scorpio and Taurus, a cosmic tug-of-war playing out all month long.

A Full Moon in tasty Taurus (November 4) draws a divine link to imaginative Neptune, creating space for physical pleasure and tangible joys. This lunation ushers in luscious substance of the physical world, giving us an extra sense to recognize the difference between a material goal and a sensual one with intense gratification. All 12 signs will have the ability to manifest physical desires with alarming ease throughout the month, but especially during the first two weeks of November.

Scorpio, on the other hand, zeroes out the balance with a potent New Moon in this transformative sign on November 18. You won’t be able to lean back on the mundane, physical world anymore. Instead, you’ll be called to place your trust in your intuitive and psychic abilities in feeling what’s beyond the veil in order to achieve your earthly goals. Venus, planetary ruler of love, beauty, sensuality, and luxury, will transit through Scorpio all month alongside lucky Jupiter, ruler of abundance, also in the sign of the Scorpion, reminding us that life’s greatest pleasures can’t be pinned to the physical world—unless we’re talking about sex, of course. Glory is on the other side of fear, a truth Scorpio embodies wholly. Dive deep.

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