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November 2019 Horoscopes



It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these November 2019 horoscopes below, then clicking into your specific sign in our slideshow.

Flush with Abundance

Autumn is a season for winding down as the cold, dark parts of the year descend on the Northern Hemisphere. Despite Earth’s calm chill in most places during November, the astrological outlook of this month is positively electric.

Love and money turn on an adventurous dime for the lion’s share of the month as Venus transits Sagittarius, the intrepid Fire sign beloved (and scorned) for dynamism and fatal optimism. Departing your comfort zone in lieu of romantic intrigue will come naturally. Financial prospects also see a positive upturn as Venus’ placement encourages us to pivot into exciting and enterprising new ways of securing cash.

Red flags fly high around November 5. Mars and Pluto—Scorpio’s dual ruling planets known for their ruthless brutality and strength—square off on this day in an explosion of volatility. You can either be the hunter or the prey amid this bombastic energy: Harness the atmosphere for crushing competitors and goals or fly off the handle in a storm of rage and prepare for messy damage control.

An absolutely lush Taurus full moon promises to let you have your cake and eat it too on November 12. While most full moons signal endings and closure, this particular lunation is supported wonderfully by many planets, indicating fertility, bursting abundance, and pure gratification. Delights of the flesh and financial fulfillment are at hand during this luscious, earthy lunation.

Mars penetrates intense Scorpio on November 19, campaigning through its subterranean second home until January 3. Scorpio is the strongest and most powerful placement for the Red Planet. But don’t make the mistake of confusing potency with brash aggression; the force behind this placement is cunning strategy and ironclad willpower.

Mercury moves direct in Scorpio on November 20, clearing mental fog surrounding intimate relationships, debts, joint income, and shared resources. Venus roots into Capricorn on November 25, anchoring us into practical, earthy thinking and decision-making in matters of love, money, and physical appearance. The month closes on an optimistic note with an encouraging Sagittarius new moon motivating us Earthlings to reject limitations in goal-setting.

November Legend

Venus in Sagittarius: Nov. 1 – 25
Mars squares Pluto: Nov. 5
Full Moon in Taurus: Nov. 12
Mars in Scorpio: Nov. 19 – Jan. 3
Mercury Direct in Scorpio: Nov. 20
Sun in Sagittarius: Nov. 22
Venus in Capricorn: Nov. 25
New Moon in Sagittarius: Nov. 26
Neptune Direct in Pisces: Nov. 27


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