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November 2021 Horoscopes

Written by Christie Craft

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It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these November 2021 horoscopes below, then clicking into your specific sign in our slideshow.

Trap Doors of Rebirth
The Sun is in intensely probing Scorpio for more than half of November, a sign of depth and psychic power personified by many creatures, including the scorpion and the Phoenix. Regeneration is on the menu during this season, along with superpowers of uncovering unexpected information—or hidden agendas—and evolving to champion a new narrative.

A new moon occurs in uncompromising Scorpio on November 4, conjuring up a mixed bag of dreamlike windfalls and dark visions. Since Uranus is in sharp opposition to this new moon, events connected to this lunation could bring shock or sudden chaos. However, weaknesses may become our most potent strengths as agility and quick thinking are the hallmarks of such a difficult aspect.

Fortune-focused Venus shifts into Earth sign Capricorn on November 5 for a long stay before beginning a semi-rare retrograde phase next month. With Venus in Capricorn, strategy and shrewd discernment can win your heart’s desire both in love and money.

A new series of eclipses kicks off on November 19, beginning auspiciously with a lunar eclipse and full moon in lush Taurus. Deep fulfillment is connected to this eclipse, bringing closure and change in rare culminations almost entirely void of grief.

The Sun slides into Sagittarius on November 21, ushering in the season of the Centaur, wanderlust philosopher and an all-around good time with no filter. Mercury follows the Sun into Sagittarius on November 24, loosening our minds to focus on the expansive wisdom of intellectual adventure.

November Legend:
November 4: New Moon in Scorpio
November 5: Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio
November 19: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
November 21: Sun enters Sagittarius
November 24: Mercury enters Sagittarius

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  1. Looking forward to this Moon Eclipse. Hope it will bring peace and soulfulness.

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