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Kid Style

For The Mini Margot Tenenbaum

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Omamimini

Fan of Wes Anderson? First, you should peep this ridiculously cool baby mobile. Then, you should check out this kids’ line from L.A., which has Margot Tenenbaum (in child form) written all over it.

The goods are from the Omamimini label, which is all about “stylish, sophisticated, and impeccably made” kids wares that are also super comfy and stretchy, so they withstand your offspring’s inevitable growth spurts.

What really got us about Omami’s Fall 2014 collection are the Margot-worthy faux-mink coats and vests with adorable polka-dot lining. But we guess the faux-leather leggings and matching quilted tops, “polka-cat” poncho with sherpa lining, and architecturally leaning sweat suits aren’t too shabby either.

Check it all out here and let us know if you concur.

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