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Self Help: 20+ Online Classes

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by James Kicinski-McCoy

According to TIME magazine, young adults—aka the millennials—are more stressed out than the rest of the population. For most of us, it’s extremely hard to find time to do much of anything for ourselves, much less have a homemade dinner on the table each night. Our time for extracurricular activities is dwindling as work and social obligations continue to pile up, making it difficult to find that healthy balance we all strive for. But thanks to the Internet, there are now several ways to take up a new hobby or class from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re wanting to learn a foreign language, become a pro in the kitchen, or master a craft like knitting, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest online classes below, so all you have to do is pick your favorite, click, and go!

Take Up Painting. Everyone can paint, but just a few helpful instructions can take you from amateur status to pro! Painting Course offers everything from beginner tips to painting fundamentals, and even art lessons for the kids—so maybe consider taking up a class with the whole family and deck the walls with original masterpieces! Classes are free, Painting Course

Learn How To Draw. Something that comes natural for many people, like drawing, can be quite a challenge for others. But with instructional classes like these, you’ll be on your way to advanced artist in no time. Drawspace offers free information and techniques for beginners, and professional tips for intermediate artists. Classes are free, Drawspace.

Hair and Makeup 101. Youtube is often the place we all navigate to when in need of a quick how-to (or a funny cat video), but it can be hard to find a great channel that’s both informative and actually helpful. The Nikki Tutorials channel is great for those looking to learn better hair and makeup techniques from an industry professional (for free)! Tutorials are free, Nikkie Tutorials

Yoga Classes. Need a little zen in your day, but can’t find time to make it into your local yoga studio? We get it. Instead, try out an online class that will both save you time and cash. This site offers guided instructional yoga videos for people of all levels, ages, and preferences, so you can get your yoga on anywhere, anytime. Classes are free, Yome

Play The Ukulele. Whether it was Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s that inspired you or not, the ukulele is a pretty cool instrument to know how to play. That said, it definitely requires some skill. Thankfully, with the help of the tutorials on this site, you’ll be able to play one in just a few weeks time. Classes are $19.95/month, Ukulele Underground.

Read Tarot Cards. Card reading is one of the most mysterious and unique talents in the world, and a fun hobby for those looking for a little wonder in their lives. Learn how to successfully read Tarot cards with this free 12-week, in-home course. Classes are free, Free Tarot Reading

Make Your Own Jewelry. Have you ever seen a necklace or bracelet and thought “I could make that.”? Now you can, with a little help from PS. I Made This, which features handmade jewelry with write-ups on how to make each piece yourself. The site also offers how-to’s on shoes, clothing, fashion, beauty, and much more. Talk about DIY-heaven. Tutorials are free, PS. I Made This.

Cooking Lessons. Every woman (and man) should have some basic culinary skills up their sleeve and Cook Smarts is dedicated to helping all of us achieve them. You can try the site for free with three meal plans or subscribe weekly for less than ten bucks a month. This online cooking school includes everything you need to master the kitchen from how-to’s on making grocery lists to prep techniques, nutrition information, and how-to cooking videos. Classes are $6-8/month, Cook Smarts.

Master Photography and Video. Mastering anything other than a point-and-shoot camera is one skill that a lot of people avoid in fear that it’s too difficult to learn. Creative Live is a site dedicated to changing that view with step-by-step videos for beginners, offering a variety of classes from portrait-taking to understanding lighting and Photoshop 101. The site also offers helpful how-to’s on a variety of other topics like art, crafts, music, money, and more. Class prices vary, Creative Live.

Dance Classes. Who hasn’t been at a wedding or party where you wished you could whip out some salsa or ballroom dancing with your partner? Whether you’re a couple trying to learn some moves or want to cut-a-rug solo, dance classes are a great hobby for everyone. Plus, it’s a fun way to sneak in some exercise! Here, you can learn how to put those two left feet in motion in the privacy of your own home. Classes are free, Dance Class.

Learn A new Language. Who doesn’t regret paying more attention in their high school Spanish class? We all wish we were fluent in another language (or six) but our crazy lives don’t allow much time to hit up our old text books. Check out Babbel, which features free online language courses equipped with a teacher, so you can learn at your own pace at home. Courses are free, Babbel.

Get Organized. While there are numerous books out there that greatly help with organization and decluttering, sometimes you just need a hands-on approach by way of a professional. Simplify 101 offers that instruction, but online, so you don’t have to lose any time getting started. Classes range from $19-$49, and that’s basically priceless compared to the sanity it’ll save you in the end. Classes start at $19, Simplify 101.

Take Up Pottery. Whether you’ve been dying to try it since you watched the movie Ghost or not, one of the most therapeutic, creative outlets you can try is pottery. And believe it or not, professionals claim that this is one hobby that anyone can do. This site features informative videos, photos, tips, and tricks to help you master making ceramics while doing it at your own pace. And who knows, you might find yourself wanting to sell your pieces in the end. Classes are free, Pottery On The Wheel.

Learn The Art Of Meditation. Setting a little “me time” aside everyday can be really beneficial for moms and those with hectic, overwhelming schedules. Meditating is a great way to calm the mind, increase focus, and relieve stress, and this site offers guided classes to help you achieve a successful, mindful mediation. Classes are free, Online Meditation

Singing Lessons. One of the most sought-after talents in the world might be singing, but it’s not exactly something that comes naturally to everyone. Singing Success not only offers online classes, but also personal phone calls or video chat lessons for those really looking for some one-on-one help. Classes start at $97, Singing Success.

Wine Tasting. For those looking to know a bit more about wine and wine etiquette, this site may be your answer. After this class, you’ll be able to describe wine like a pro wino, make proper food pairings, save money when purchasing, and much more. The best part is, the class is free—win! Courses are free, Free Wine Course

Learn How To Knit. For those looking for a new-found hobby with instant results, this is the site for you. You’ll learn everything from the basics of knitting to advanced techniques with these hands-on, step-by-step videos from experienced knitters. Craftsy also offers affordable classes for those looking to take up embroidery, woodworking, spinning, cake decorating, and more. Classes start at $14.99, Craftsy.

In-Home Therapy. In need of a little venting? Therapy could be a great solution for you, and now you don’t even have to leave your house or schedule an appointment to get it. Better Help has individuals fill out a questionnaire, which then links you up with a licensed counselor to give you support in your inbox whenever you need it. Counseling is $35/week, Better Help

Writing 101. If you’ve aspired to write your own short-story, memoir, or novel, now you can with the help of this site. From public to private classes, there’s an option for everyone and anyone looking to take up poetry writing or simply further themselves in their writing career. Class prices vary, Writers.

All About Crystals. Another mysterious and incredibly intriguing hobby is crystal healing. Many swear by the benefits of crystals and this site features an in-depth look on crystal therapy, crystal reiki, stone grids, and much more. The best part is, you can take and master these classes right at home. Classes are $70, Love and Light Healing School.

Gardening Classes. Looking to fill your home with plants or grow your own vegetable garden? This website is all you need to learn the basics of planting and harvesting, or in the case of those without green thumbs, simply keep your plants alive. Here, professional botanists and trusted authors guide you through the must-do’s and how-to’s of planting. Classes are $192, My Garden School.

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