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5 Outdoor Activities To Do This Weekend

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photography by James Kicinski-McCoy

It’s almost the weekend and time to play. Let’s make the most of the last days of summer and head outside. Leave your smart phones and other electronic devices behind and breathe in the fresh air, all while spending time with your family. We’ve got five simple, fun, and free outdoor activities for you and the kids to do this weekend. Ready, set, go play!

1. Go exploring! Take a walk or a hike through your hood, or better yet, explore a state park together. Climbs rocks and trees, have family races through the fields, or pick and identify flowers and leaves using a field guide. Often times you will discover a treasure of a spot that you will want to visit time and again.

2. Pack a picnic. We all have to eat, so why not make it an outdoor meal and pack a picnic? Take your lunch or dinner to the park or eat while the sun begins to set. Whether you pack homemade sandwiches or pick up take-out while on the road, eating outside is fun and it may be one of the last times you’re able to before the chilly weather sets in.

3. Play hide-and-go-seek. You may be thinking “it’s for the kids,” but we promise you, adults have fun playing this classic count-and-find game, too. Play in your neighborhood or a nearby playground or park. Not only will you feel like a kid again, but you’ll also bond with your babes and get a little exercise, too.

4. Take a family bike ride. Strap on your helmets and get to pumping. Look up local bike trails or take a ride through the neighborhood or explore your city on two wheels.

5. Star gazing. Just because the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean you need to call it a day. Grab a blanket, lie down, and look up at the stars. Try spotting constellations and, while your at it, snack on popcorn or make a toasty treat by roasting marshmallows and make s’mores.

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