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An Adorable Way To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Partner

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Video Via YouTube

Depending on how you find out you’re pregnant, there’s usually a little time—from minutes to days—that the news is all yours, and then you get to break it to your partner.

While it’s exciting pretty much any way you let your partner know that they, too, are “expecting” a baby, we are especially smitten with the methods of a Minnesota woman who decided to tell her husband about her bun in the oven while they sat in a photobooth and the device snapped away at his emotional reaction. (See the now-viral tear-jerking result below!)

We’ve already told you what huge fans of old-school photobooths we are (we love the idea of getting family pics shot in them), so of course this idea is one we think our readers should stow away, should a pregnancy test show up positive in the near future.

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