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Meet Pley: Netflix For Legos

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photo via Pley

This one’s for all of you mamas with Lego-loving kids, and we happen to think it’s pretty darn cool. Fact: Legos are expensive. We know, we’ve spent a pretty penny on the sets of tiny brick pieces that can be built into extraordinary structures. Enter Pley, a Netflix-like subscription service for Lego fans that allows parents to rent the popular puzzle-piece sets to families on a monthly basis. Kids can add Lego sets of their choice to their personal “pleylist,” which is much like a Netflix queue. They are then sent a rotation of sets to build, directly to their doorstep.

The “build at your own pace” service means you can use and return the Legos at your own discretion (with free shipping costs to and from) before the next set in line arrives from your list. Price points start at $15 per month (for small sets) and go up depending on size. Our burning question was about missing pieces—what happens if a piece or several go missing? Good news: The company understands that small pieces can get lost easily and doesn’t charge for misplaced bricks. Phew!

And what about shared-Lego hygiene? “Pley has designed a system which quickly sanitizes the pieces and weighs them within one hundredth of a gram to determine if any are missing. The Pley warehouse can turn around a set for its next renter within 2.5 minutes,” co-founder Ranan Lachman told Fortune.

So, what do you think of Pley? Would you use a subscription-based system for toys, Lego-focused or otherwise?

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